Supreme decking boards 3.6m

by Select Living

I am the Supreme Queen, the most superior of all composite decking boards. Yes, I’m beautiful, but I’m also strong. In fact, I’m the most durable board you can get.

How do I do it? It’s my unique structure that makes me so robust. I’m also capped in a strengthening polymer sleeve to give me even more resilience (you can find out more about this later).

That's right, it’s time to stop looking, because I’m the only one you’ll ever need. Take a look at my technical stuff, order a sample, and scroll to find out more about me.

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I'm wrapped to meet you.

Decking boards have to withstand a lot of punishment. Fortunately, I can take it all in my stride because I’m wrapped in a polymer sleeve that’s extra-durable and moisture-resistant. In the industry, we call this capping.

The capping method turns an already robust board into one that can stand up to pretty much anything. This makes me a great choice for places where normal timber decking would struggle, such as pool areas and pond surrounds. 

Capping also makes me more UV-resistant (so my colours won’t fade) and easier to clean.

A perfect match - guaranteed

I'm a decking board you can trust to stick around for the long-term. If you never want to replace your decking again, I am the best choice. My creators are so certain that I'm the most durable decking board available that they've given me a massive 30 year guarantee.

Product Specifications

Board composition: Hollow, capped

Colour Options: Teak, walnut, light grey, dark grey, antique

Board Size: 140mm x 20mm x 3600mm

Price: £38.40

Price per square metre: £76.19

Features : Polymer capped, easy to install, hidden ‘quick clip’ system, full range of compatible accessories

30 year warranty

Super low maintenance

Our products basically take care of themselves, freeing up your time for more important things. Like ice cream.

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