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Call 0115 684 8754 for a free sample pack!
Call 0115 684 8754 for a free sample pack!
brown composite decking boards

Which decking product is right for me?

Our ranges are designed to suit different kinds of applications and budgets. Have a read through this handy guide to find out which one is best for your project.

Are you working with a tight budget?

You don't have loads of money to spend, but you still want a great quality product. We recommend you choose Core decking boards. While being our most affordable board, Core is reliable, durable and long-lasting. It's also really versatile because it features a cool reversible design.

Are you looking for something extra but still don't want to spend a fortune?

You have a little more cash to play with and you're looking for that next step up. We recommend you choose Premium decking boards. These boards are still great value for money, but come with added technology to make them even tougher. Capped with an advanced polymer sleeve, these boards will withstand anything.

Do you have a lot of ground to cover?

You want to create an expansive decking area in the most efficient way possible. We recommend you choose Core XL decking boards. These boards are wide and strong, making it easier and more cost-effective to cover big areas.

Do you want the best money can buy?

You want the absolute best and hang the expense! And why not? You deserve it. We recommend our Supreme decking boards. These boards are the cream of the crop. They are our strongest, most durable board, and have an advanced polymer cap to make them last even longer.

Did that help you make up your mind?

We hope so, but if you're still not sure, why not order a free sample pack? Delivered straight to your door, this little box of delights will make your decision easy.

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