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What are the benefits of having artificial  plants over real plants?

What are the benefits of having artificial plants over real plants?

What do you think of when someone mentions artificial flowers? It’s time for a rethink! The new generation of faux flowers and plants are more art than artificial! Farewell to fake-looking plastic and hello to beautifully crafted design pieces that add real style to any living or working space.

Realistic artificial plants add an instant, maintenance-free uplift to homes, showrooms, offices and point-of-sale displays. Although there is nothing quite like a surprise bouquet, there are so many reasons to choose artificial plants. Here are just a few:

Real plants

Artificial plants

Brighten up your space

Brighten up your space

Need certain conditions to thrive

Can thrive anywhere and everywhere

Improve wellbeing, productivity

Improve wellbeing, productivity

Die and can cost quite a bit to maintain

Won’t die and don’t cost anything to maintain

High maintenance

Low maintenance

Cause hay fever


Can be toxic to pets

Non-toxic to pets

Not suitable for those with mobility restrictions

Suitable for those with mobility restrictions

Seasonality dependent

No seasonality

Design & Décor

You can really let your creativity run wild when using faux plants and flowers. They suit all design options as colour, size and shape are limitless. You can coordinate with any scheme and ring the changes any time you like. Check out our Living Wall, designed to give your indoor and outdoor spaces an instant facelift.

Real plants need light which means they can't be used in poorly lit rooms or shady garden areas. And, of course, many just die once winter comes. But not with the faux variety – there is no seasonality with artificial plants so you can brighten up any dark corner all year round.

Fresh plants and flowers do not respond well to central heating or air conditioning. Our realistic blooms will look fresh and beautiful all year-round regardless of the season temperature.


Did you know that plants are proven not only to improve people’s mood and productivity levels, but reduce the number of sick days, too. This isn’t isolated to real plants!

Plants help people feel calmer and happier, especially throughout the work day and give us a sense of wellbeing.


The great thing about artificial plants is that they are a one-off, low cost purchase! Plus they won’t fade and die. They can be moved anywhere to suit the design and decor of your home and garden.

Low Maintenance

How often are you home? Our products basically take care of themselves, freeing up your time for more important things. They only need dusting about once a month (what a bonus) and that's it. Easy! Perfect for those of us without green fingers or those that are simply pushed for time.

Having artificial plants is one less thing to worry about when heading off on your holidays! No need to bribe a friend or family member to come in and water your plants for you. Artificial plants are the low maintenance solution you need!


Music to the ears of all hay fever sufferers out there! Artificial flowers have no adverse effects for those with allergies so they are perfect for your workplace and, of course, your home.

Pet Friendly

Some fresh flowers and plants can be extremely poisonous to cats and dogs. For example, did you know that all types of lilies can be fatal to our furry friends? Our fabulous artificial plants look as good as fresh, whilst being safe to pets - giving you a peace of mind that no harm will come to your beloved furry friends.

Happy dog

Mobility Restrictions

For people who have mobility restrictions, such as wheelchair users and the elderly, it often simply isn’t possible or affordable to maintain a garden that contains real, living plants. Choosing artificial plants is a solution. They are easy to install and require no maintenance - no trimming, no watering, no pests.

Adding Artificial Plants in the home or the office is a great way to improve your space and wellbeing, whilst being low-cost and low-maintenance. They are the perfect solution for those with pets, young children, little time to spare, mobility restrictions or noses prone to hay fever. Artificial plants are a kind alternative to real plants, allowing everyone can enjoy a bit of greenery in their lives.

Check our artificial plants and living wall collection today.

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