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Call 0115 684 8754 for a free sample pack!
Case study: POS in John Lewis, Nottingham

Case study: POS in John Lewis, Nottingham

The perfect low-maintenance accessory to spruce up your shop floors this spring-summer. Featuring our Sherwood artificial plant walls.

This year, renowned high-street retailer John Lewis have opted for a lush green POS display to show off their garden furniture range, featuring our Sherwood artificial plant walls.

You can see this installation in their Nottingham store in the Victoria Centre.

John Lewis POS artificial plant wall

As green as the forest that bears its name, the Sherwood plant wall features a collection of plants that is simple, yet highly effective at bringing an instant garden make-over to your indoors, without all the hard work.

With a simple snap and lock system, our plant walls fit together like a dream. They’re easy to cut to size to fit any space, being a flat wall or individual blocks like you can see here.

The versatility of these plant walls allows you to create inspiring POS displays like this. You can mount them on structural features of your shop space to create all kinds of effects.

John Lewis shopfloor artificial plant wall display

Perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your premises, whether it being a shop floor, cafe, restaurant, or even business office.

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