Composite cladding boards

by Select Living

If you are looking for a composite cladding board that can deliver a stunning finish to your home, but you don’t want to compromise on price, I am your best bet. Go on, stick me on your walls. I am UV stabilised and waterproof, which means I require basically no maintenance. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy my company. I deliver timeless style, great quality and I am built to last through the decades. 

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Locking for you

Installing composite cladding boards can be quite challenging - but luckily for you, I have a simple locking mechanism that makes installing quick and easy. That way, you can get to enjoy me even sooner than you expected.

I’ll keep you warm and toasty

Add me to your walls and not only will I completely elevate your home's appearance with my charming looks, but I will also keep the freezing winds at bay and provide you with a safe, warm interior. Lining your walls with composite cladding boards means you have that extra layer of protection from cold. Who said pretty can't also be practical?

A perfect match

Pair me up with some Classic composite decking boards and I will fit right in. We share the exact same colours so you can match us up to create a full outdoor makeover. I promise we will get along splendidly. (Don’t worry though, you're still my number one.)

Product Specifications

Board composition: Full

Colour Options: Coffee, antique, light grey, dark grey, teak

Board Size: 150mm x 20mm x 3600mm

Price: £21.80

Price per square metre: £45.88

Features : Easy to install, simple locking mechanism, UV protected, full range of compatible accessories

15 year warranty

Super low maintenance

Our products basically take care of themselves, freeing up your time for more important things. Like ice cream.

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Family friendly

Our products are perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy. They're safe for kids and pets, they're easy to clean and really durable.