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Porcelain paving in back garden

How to use Porcelain Paving to elevate your outdoor space

As the days grow longer and brighter, thoughts turn to how we can upgrade our outdoor spaces for the upcoming warmer months. These ideas demonstrate the versatility and creativity of using porcelain paving to enhance outdoor spaces, transforming them into functional, beautiful, and inviting areas for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Whether you seek garden patio inspiration, design ideas, or are curious about this year's trends, dive into our design guide to discover the latest in garden trends for 2024.

  1. Outdoor living rooms: Design a cosy and inviting outdoor living room by laying porcelain paving in a large, open area. Add comfortable seating, outdoor rugs, and soft cushions to create a relaxing atmosphere. We love outdoor rugs which are water and stain resistant, hard-wearing and machine washable. They look and feel like soft wool yet are made from 100% recycled plastic. That means you can leave them outside all summer long. Weaver Green also have a beautiful hammock collection crafted from 100% recycled plastic canvas.
  2. Install a fire pit or outdoor fireplace as a focal point for gathering and entertaining.
  3. Al fresco dining areas: Create an elegant dining space by laying porcelain paving in a rectangular or square shape to define the dining area. Set up a stylish dining table and chairs, accessorised with tableware and decorations like candles to enhance the ambiance. Install overhead lighting or string lights for evening dining under the stars. Our luxury Italian porcelain paving range would be perfect for this.
  4. Zen gardens: Transform a corner of your outdoor space into a tranquil Zen gardn by using porcelain paving in a minimalist design. Incorporate elements such as pebbles, rocks, and minimalist plants to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Add a small water feature or bamboo fountain for soothing sounds. Here’s some more Zen garden ideas to create a calming and tranquil landscape.
  5. Poolside retreat: Surround your pool with porcelain paving to create a stylish and practical poolside retreat. Use larger porcelain tiles for a seamless look around the pool deck. Add lounge chairs, umbrellas, and side tables for sunbathing and relaxation - you could even install a pergola or cabana for shade and privacy.
  6. Vertical gardens: Incorporate porcelain paving into vertical garden structures, such as living walls or planters, to add visual interest and greenery to your outdoor space. Use porcelain tiles as cladding for raised planters or as a backdrop for climbing plants and vines.
  7. Outdoor home office: Set up a functional and inspiring home office in your outdoor space using porcelain paving as the foundation. Install a weatherproof desk and ergonomic chair, surrounded by plants and greenery for a natural and refreshing workspace. Incorporate a pergola or shade sail to provide protection from the elements while allowing ample natural light and ventilation. With our new aluminium pergolas you can get outdoors no matter the weather. Pre-order yours now!

Porcelain Paving design tips

In today's urban landscape, space is often a premium commodity. However, limited outdoor areas shouldn't limit your creativity or the potential for a stunning outdoor oasis. With the versatility and aesthetic appeal of porcelain paving, even the smallest outdoor spaces can be transformed into inviting retreats that maximise impact and functionality.

By applying these design principles and strategies, you can maximise the impact of porcelain paving in small outdoor spaces, creating visually stunning and functional retreats that enhance your quality of life and connection to the outdoors.

  1. Strategic layout design: When working with small outdoor areas such as urban gardens or compact patios, thoughtful layout design is essential. Begin by assessing the available space and identifying key focal points or areas of interest. Consider dividing the space into zones for dining, lounging, and gardening to create a sense of purpose and organisation.
  2. Light and bright colour palette: Opt for light-coloured porcelain paving to visually expand small outdoor spaces. Light hues such as soft beige, light grey, or creamy white help reflect natural light and create an illusion of openness and airiness. Avoid dark colours or busy patterns that can make small areas feel cramped and confined.
  3. Scale and proportion: Choose appropriately sized furniture and accessories that complement the scale of your outdoor space. Opt for slimline or modular furniture pieces that offer flexibility and can be easily rearranged to suit different functions. Consider using multifunctional furniture items such as storage benches or foldable chairs to maximise space efficiency.
  4. Strategic lighting: Illuminate small outdoor spaces with strategic lighting to enhance ambiance and usability after dark. Install overhead string lights, wall sconces, or pathway lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider using solar-powered or LED lighting fixtures for energy efficiency and ease of installation.

Porcelain Paving trends: What's hot in 2024

We’re now almost halfway through 2024 and the world of outdoor design continues to evolve, with porcelain paving leading the way in innovative and stylish trends. Whether you're renovating a patio, refreshing a pool deck, or creating a stylish outdoor entertaining area, these porcelain paving trends offer inspiration and innovation for elevating your outdoor space in 2024. 

  1. Natural stone aesthetics: Embracing the timeless beauty of natural stone, porcelain paving continues to mimic the authentic textures and colours of marble. From subtle veining to rugged surfaces, these natural-inspired designs bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to outdoor environments.
  2. Dark and dramatic tones: Departing from traditional earthy hues, dark and dramatic tones are making a statement in outdoor design. Dark grey mizo porcelain paving creates a bold contrast against lush greenery, adding a sense of drama and sophistication to outdoor spaces.
  3. Mediterranean escapism: Mediterranean inspired design is a key influence for the hottest garden design trends of the moment. Picture a blend of refined elegance, sophisticated flair, and a palette of soft, warm neutrals adorning your paving tiles or furniture selections.

With this in mind, our beige cristallo porcelain paving slabs can instantly give your garden a lifted, brighter feel while also making floor space appear larger, ideal for that warm, European-inspired look. For more of a contemporary take on these Mediterranean patio trends, consider breaking up large areas of expansive paving by interlaying gravel or grass between your slabs to create a smart, stepping-stone-style pathway that feels super chic.

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