Which artificial grass product is right for me?

We have a lot of artificial grass products in our collection, and it can be overwhelming! Here's a little guide to help you decide (yay, a rhyme!).

You're looking for a super soft family lawn

You want a lawn that looks lush and luxurious, and that's soft enough for all the family. We recommend Trafford. It's super soft, thick and extravagant. Runners up: Twickenham, Wembley, Anfield.

You're after the best value for money

You want to squeeze everything you can out of your budget. We recommend Headingly. This grass is long and lush, and deceptively affordable. Runners up: Selhurst, Twickenham, Egbaston.

You're hunting for a no-frills, everyday lawn

You want something strong and reliable that looks the business everyday. We recommend Elland. With its C-shaped yarn, this lawn has extra bounce-back power. Runner up: Stamford.

You need something tough enough to cope with your pets

Your furry friends rule the roost, and rightly so. We recommend Goodison. This grass is ready for whatever your creatures throw at it, and it's really easy to clean up the you-know-what. Runner up: Highbury.

You need to cover a high-traffic area

People will not be asked to keep off this grass. We recommend Welford. Its unique WV-shaped yarn is designed to withstand the toughest punishment and still look fabulous. Runners up: Highbury, Goodison.

You're concerned about the environment

And aren't we all? We recommend PRT. This grass is 100% recyclable - including the backing. It's also soft, lush and beautiful - bonus!

You're shopping for a putting green

You need a turf that will let your putters play at their best. We recommend Pro-Putt. Its tight, curly yarn is the perfect surface for getting a hole in one.

Did that help you make up your mind?

We hope so, but if you're still not sure, why not order a free sample pack? Delivered straight to your door, this little box of delights will make your decision easy.

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