What are the benefits of artificial grass?

To many people the biggest advantage of artificial grass over natural grass is that there is no need to mow / cut artificial grass. Where with natural grass it is part of nature & as such will grow as & when it wants to. It's surprising how many of our customers say that their main motivation in cutting the grass is when they see / hear their neighbours cutting their grass. It's a bit like a 'keeping up with the Jone's' syndrome. There is of also the situation where your grassed area / lawn just looks untidy, bedraggled & in some cases just a mess. With artificial grass your lawn / grassed area will always have that just mowed look 365 days of the year, no doubt causing your neighbours to constantly mow their lawns in an attempt to keep up with the appearance of your pristine lawn.


Once laid your artificial lawn will maintain its just mowed look for at least the life of its 10 year warranty with an absolute minimum of maintenance. As well as no mowing there is also no need to feed or weed a lawn laid with artificial grass.

Child & Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is not just a great surface for children of all ages to play on, it's also a safe area. All of our artificial grass complies to both BS EN1177 fire safety standards & Certified to BS 4790 suitable for 'Impact attenuating playground surfacing'. Natural grass is a heaven for all types of pets, bugs & snails, all of which can be harmful to your children & your pets. Artificial grass does not attract insects, bugs or snails & as such is a much more sterile environment for all of your family.


Those of you who own pets will be familiar with the dreaded amber patch. With artificial grass your pets can do what pets do on lawns & grassed areas without this fear. Spillage can easily be cleaned away with a little soapy water, or just left until it rains where in most cases artificial grass will clean itself.

Another great benefit of artificial grass over natural grass is that is usable almost immediately after the rain has stopped as water self drains via the pre-punched holes in the latex backing, unlike natural grass which hold moisture & water.

Hypoallergenic & Durable

A grass lawn should be a place that's enjoyed by all of the family. Our artificial grass is hypoallergenic by design providing an area of relieve for family members & pets that suffer from summer allergies such as hay fever.

When you have spent so much of your time & money in maintaining your lawn it can be difficult to watch as the children scar & tear it's surface while playing on it. With our artificial grass you can allow your children to play such as football & cricket without fear of damaging the lawn surface, or themselves.

Our artificial grass is also compression resistant so does not develop trackways in areas of constant use or flat spots where people have sat. In most cases a simple brush will return your artificial grass lawn back to its original condition.

dog lying on artificial grass