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What are the benefits of artificial grass?

Artificial grass has its pros and cons. While many are quick to point out that it’s not the most environmentally friendly option, there are some groups of people for which using artificial grass in their garden is the best solution. For these people, including parents, people with pets, anyone with limited mobility or allergies, and those looking for a more cost-effective solution amongst others. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through each of these benefits in turn, and recommend a selection of products from our range that would be perfect for the job!

Easy install

Compared to real turf, laying artificial grass is usually a much simpler process, so much so that experienced home-gardeners may feel comfortable enough to complete the installation process themselves. However, to get the best results and benefit from your new lawn, we’d recommend contacting a professional installer to complete the job for you, to make sure you’re not left needing to relay it after a couple of years. 

While it may mean a slightly higher initial cost, it will be worth it in the long run - especially because any initial errors made may mean that the whole process needs to be restarted when fixed. We have a network of approved installers of our products across the region and we’d be happy to put you in touch with any in your local area to assist with your purchase. 

Easy maintenance

Once installed, you can kiss your lawn mower goodbye! The obvious benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn’t need cutting like real grass does. You also don’t have to worry about things like weeding and feeding your lawn, which are common pain points with real grass.  Plus, rain or shine you don’t need to sort out any nasty dry patches in the summer, or deal with muddy puddles in the rain. Essentially, artificial grass is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time to maintain a real lawn in their garden. 

Family ready

The low maintenance benefits of artificial grass also make it perfect for families, no matter how big or small. All of our artificial lawns are compliant to BS EN1177 fire safety standards, as well as BS 4790 - which essentially makes it suitable for use in play areas. You can also leave the days of dealing with muddy footprints (human or animal) far behind, with playtime being possible rain or shine. Artificial grass is also less likely to attract insects, bugs, or snails, and is therefore a much more sterile environment for everyone in the home.  

When you have spent so much of your time and money in maintaining your lawn it can be difficult to watch your kids scar and tear its surface while playing on it, without knowing any better. With our artificial grass, your children can go wild, playing anything from football to cricket without fear of damaging the lawn surface - or themselves!

Our artificial grass is also compression resistant so does not develop trackways in areas of constant use or flat spots where people have sat. In most cases a simple brush will return your artificial grass lawn back to its original condition.

Pet friendly

Artificial grass is also perfect for people with pets. Dog and cat owners everywhere know the pains of a lawn littered with amber patches where business has been done. With Artificial Grass, pets can do what pets tend to do without any fear! Anything a little… messier, can easily be cleaned up with a little soapy water if there’s no rain forecast, or if the weather’s not great the lawn will normally clean itself!

Another great benefit of artificial grass over natural grass is that it is usable almost immediately after the rain has stopped as water self drains via the pre-punched holes in the latex backing, unlike natural grass which holds moisture & water. Adios soggy lawns! 


Many people who choose artificial grass over real turf do so because the regular trimming of real grass can trigger allergies, especially during hayfever season. Naturally, artificial grass doesn’t trigger any of these reactions, making it a great option for anyone who finds hay fever or other seasonal allergies debilitating. 

Cut your water bills and consumption

With our household bills continuing to rise and our summers getting warmer and warmer, you’re probably paying more attention to your water usage than usual. With our artificial lawns, you won’t need to use any excess water in order to maintain your lawn, or worry about keeping well fed and watered in the event of any hosepipe bans. Your lawn will be perfect all year round!

Cut down on fertiliser and pesticide use

If you’re concerned about still maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your local area, despite switching to artificial grass, then simply consider the reduction in any fertilisers or pesticides that you’d otherwise be using in your garden. The impacts of this can be far reaching, throughout the entire food chain. 

If you’re considering switching to artificial grass at your home or office, we have a variety of products available suitable for all budgets and spaces. Check them out in our artificial grass section today or give us a call to chat through your options.

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