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Call 0115 684 8754 for a free sample pack!
capped composite decking boards

What are capped composite decking boards and why are they so great?

Capped composite decking boards are WPC boards that have had an extra a durable, moisture-resistant polymer sleeve added during the manufacturing process. This decking board capping further extends the resilience & durability of the standard WPC decking boards. As well as improving the durability capped composite decking (WPC) boards can be used in environments that are most hostile to the life of traditional wood timber decking. As an example capped composite decking boards could be used to line the upper part of outdoor pools & ornamental ponds.

Capped Composite - The Benefits

While we consider standard composite decking superior to and has many advantages over natural wood decking, capped composite decking extends these advantages even further.

Its all in the cap! The polyurethane cover that is applied to standard composite decking and hence gives capped decking its name extends such as the UV stability making it fade resistant qualities even better than standard composite decking and thereby preserving both the colour & pattern of the underlying composite decking boards far into its future.

While standard composite decking boards are low maintenance compared to that of natural wood decking boards, composite decking boards that are polyurethane capped are extremely stain & spill resistant due to the chemical nature of the polyurethane cap. Over the 20 year plus life of a capped decking boards it will require no more than a wash with soapy water to maintains its stunning looks.

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