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Call 0115 684 8754 for a free sample pack!
Case study: The low-maintenance dream

Case study: The low-maintenance dream

The full low-maintenance package featuring our Wembley 40mm artificial grass. "The end result is absolutely stunning and worth every penny."

Artificial grass case study

The client: Pete Cunniff

The installer: CG Paving (approved installer)

The brief: The client was looking for a full garden makeover that would give them a stunning outdoor area with practically zero maintenance.

The products: The grass is Select's Wembley 40mm artificial grass. The paving area uses porcelain slabs, which are the most low maintenance slabs you can get.

Artificial grass case study

Features: The garden features porcelain slabs and artificial grass for the ultimate low-maintenance combo.

Design-wise, it's really good too. The raised planter installation runs symmetrically around the whole garden, adding another visual tier to the design.

In the lower paved area, there's a circular artificial lawn - because why the hell not! It breaks the lower level up, provides some edges that aren't straight and some extra colour to that area.

Moving up to the next section, you'll find a bench seating area built into the planter walls to give a floating effect.

Keeping the area toasty and cosy is a gas heater, which the client constructed himself out of the same split-face cladding used for the planters.

The star of the show is our 40mm Wembley artificial grass. The lawn is a large enough area for year-round fun and games for all the family. Resilient, vibrant and lush. Only the best artificial grass will do for a CG Paving project!

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Artificial grass case study

Artificial grass case study

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