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Green All Year: A Guide To Decorating With Artificial Plants

Green All Year: A Guide To Decorating With Artificial Plants

There are many reasons why artificial plants are so popular but one of their primary appeals is how low maintenance they are. They are easy to care for and can add colour, height and beauty to any garden or inside space. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals with busy schedules or those lacking a green thumb.

Decorating with artificial plants is an art form that invites nature into your space with style and ease. Whether you're aiming for a contemporary urban jungle or a classic botanical haven, the versatility of artificial plants allows you to unleash your creativity. Follow this guide to discover the endless possibilities of creating a space that provides an ideal spot to relish summer evenings and mild days in spring and autumn.

Seasonal switch-ups

Unlike living plants, artificial ones are not affected by seasonality, temperature changes, or variations in light. With proper care and a little cleaning, they maintain their good looks consistently throughout the year.

Decorating with artificial plants also offers the flexibility to adjust your decor according to the seasons. Switch to tropical foliage for a summery vibe or opt for warm-toned leaves in autumn. It's a simple and effective way to maintain a fresh and dynamic look in your space. We’re especially fond of the Outdoor Fig tree, capable of turning your outdoor area into a Mediterranean-inspired oasis.

Consider usability

Before committing to a specific garden style, take a moment to assess your practical needs. Do you require an open area for your kids to play football? Are there energetic pets that enjoy zooming around the garden? Ensure you allocate space for furniture, play areas, and your furry friends. Without proper planning, there's a risk of plants getting trampled as kids and pets do what kids and pets do. If you need some help deciding what you want to do with your outside space, we have more than a few ideas up our sleeves. Jump on our Instagram, and look for some garden inspiration.

Patios and entrances

This is where potted plants are brilliant. They will provide instant colour and life. A top choice for doorways is the elegant buxus triple ball tree. It's very grand and looks like you’ve been pruning it carefully for years!

Elevating your work space

While the benefits of natural greenery in offices are well documented, maintaining live plants can often be challenging as well as costly. In a world that often demands our constant attention and energy, these faux greens offer a refreshing respite, creating a calm and serene atmosphere that promotes focus and productivity. The low-maintenance nature of artificial plants ensures that your workspace remains vibrant and inviting without the stress of daily care routines.

Combining faux plants with real plants

Experimenting with a combination of faux and real plants is another great way to explore your creativity. Create a uniquely styled space by blending various textures, sizes, and colours. While it might initially feel like a bold contrast, embracing this mix-and-match approach is a key trick to ensure your artificial greenery looks incredibly authentic.

Just be mindful not to place identical artificial plants too closely together. Since they're artificial, they'll likely have the same size and shape, which can appear unnatural if clustered together.

For your artificial florals, make sure to vary the stem height to create a more organic look. Avoid symmetry and straight lines as real flowers and branches have natural curves, so try to aim for that.

Repot your faux plant

Give your plants a fresh look by repotting them into a new planter or pot. The design of your planter can add colour and texture to your space, acting as decor all on its own. Choose a vibrant option to make a bold statement or go for a neutral design to seamlessly blend into the overall aesthetic. We have a soft spot for the Yucca plant, especially when paired with a stylish new pot.

Artificial plants also look great in containers with stones and pebbles, plant them in soil in the ground, incorporate them into raised beds or hang vine plants gracefully over archways, sheds, deck railings, and pergolas.

Add real soil

An easy way to make your fake plant look like the real deal is to add soil into your pot or planter. Whether it's a petite planter adorning a shelf or a sizable potted tree, the soil will make it look like a real plant. 

As you embark on your journey of decorating with artificial plants, remember that the key lies in finding the right balance between creativity and practicality. Cheers to embracing the endless potential of artificial plants in transforming your spaces into lush, vibrant havens. 

All you need now is to browse for beautiful artificial plants - you’re bound to find plenty here. Happy decorating!

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