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Composite decking trends to look out for in 2024

Composite decking trends to look out for in 2024

Composite decking is increasingly becoming a more popular alternative to timber decking as people become more switched on to its environmental benefits, as well as how easy it is to maintain. We’ve also noticed a number of super-creative and innovative uses of composite decking over the years, which we’ve compiled into the top trends to look out for including everything from Pergolas to unsuspecting placements. 

Bring the outside, in

We all know what a typical British summer can look like. One day you’re basking in almost 40 degree heat (it’s hot, might be too hot), then all of a sudden it’s absolutely bucketing down as you huddle round a smouldering barbeque wondering where the hell the sun has gone. With Composite Decking, especially our Premium and Supreme ranges which benefit from additional protection, you can rest assured that your decking won’t succumb to the elements. It also makes a great base to create an outdoor living area in combination with some of our other products, like our brand-new Aluminium Pergolas that can be used to elevate your space. Need some advice on how to use them or what they’re best suited to? Check out our blog for all the latest.

Outdoor dining area on Composite Decking

Experiment with colours

In years gone by, your decking colours were constrained to the typical wooden styles that we got so used to seeing on every garden makeover show in the 90s. You’d often be left with the, often laborious, task of painting or staining your decking if you wanted a less natural colour. That has changed with the development of composite decking, which comes in a wider range of colours from the get-go. Our range features options for people who still want that classic, natural wood look, as well as shades of grey for those looking for something a little different. If you’re inspired by the Scandi garden aesthetic, then grey is a great option to help achieve that clean, minimalist look to your outdoor paradise. Check out our full range of products to find the shade of grey that’s right for you.

Lighting is everything

Making sure your decking area is well lit and has the right ambience for you is really important. While not strictly a trend that’s specific to 2024, there’s the timeless option of having string lights or lanterns positioned to give that soft glow that helps to illuminate the darker evenings. The best thing about these kinds of lights is that they often don’t cost the earth, and can be picked up in most home shops for a reasonable price.

Keep cosy in the evenings

To get the most use out of your deck throughout the year, you’ll want to consider installing a fire pit/basket.

Picture the scene: it’s September or October, the day has been able to cling onto that late summer, early autumn sun and you’ve had a great day out in the garden socialising with family and friends. However, the moment the sun goes in, the temperature drops, and all you want to do is go inside. Having a fire pit, as well as some comfy outdoor furniture and a couple of cosy blankets, will help you extend that day into the evening with minimal effort. What’s more, using a fire pit on Composite Decking is perfectly safe! You’ll want to make sure you make the necessary precautions, such as placing a fire pit mat underneath and any guards around the outside (especially if you have small children or pets), but your decking should remain undamaged.

Outdoor kitchens

If fire pits are a bit too Love Island for you, then a great alternative could be creating an outdoor kitchen area on your deck. We don’t mean just slapping a barbeque on there and calling it quits - although if that’s all you're after, then don’t let us stop you! An outdoor kitchen will have you wanting to cook outside all year if done right and shouting ‘yes chef’ at every given opportunity. You can go as full-on or as minimalist as you want with this, but items to consider adding to your set up include: a fridge, a fully plumbed sink, stove tops and pizza ovens.

Multi level set-ups

Adding multiple levels to your decking set up helps you to create additional space to your outside, giving you more room for entertaining your guests or relaxing in the sun. You could consider adding some steps to your design using our wider range of composite accessories (we don’t just supply the boards, you know!). This is a relatively easy way to add some panache to your deck, without spending additional budget on installing extras. 

Composite decking used as a roof terrace

You don’t need a typical ‘garden’

We’ve seen a rising appetite for composite decking being installed outside of your typical home garden. Composite decking is a great solution to add onto your roof if you live in a more urban location or in an apartment. You will have to bear in mind things like load-bearing considerations and structural design, so we’d always recommend consulting with a professional before cracking on with this install yourself - it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If this has inspired you to consider composite decking for your outdoor project, then check out our range of composite products today to begin piecing together your ideal deck. You can also find more information about composite decking and its uses over on our blog. If you have any specific questions about our products or simply want some advice for your project and its needs, feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0115 684 8754.
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