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Buxus Triple Ball Tree

Artificial plants: getting the best out of your fake foliage

Are you looking for a quick way to add plants to your garden, decorate your decking area or bring some greenery to an urban space? If you’re short of time and want something that looks instantly amazing, our artificial plants are the way to go.

What are artificial plants?

Artificial flowers and plants are realistic replicas of real plants. Unlike real plants, they don’t need time to grow as they come ready made in their mature state. This means they instantly add drama to your garden.

They also do not require maintenance like regular plants. So no watering, no pruning, no spraying, no repotting and no costly treatments for illness and insect damage. With artificial plants, what you see is what you get. They’ll never grow unmanageably large, never wilt, and never die.

This means they’re a really great option if you don’t have time to manage real plants, or you’re not very green fingered, but you still want stunning greenery in your home.

One of the great advantages of artificial plants is they can be designed and moulded into beautiful shapes, giving you immaculate topiary without all the effort.

Boxwood spiral artificial tree

Take a look at this stunning Boxwood Spiral. Achieving this effect would take hours of snipping and training!

Buxus triple ball artificial tree

And how about this Buxus Triple Ball Tree - this dramatic shape is hard to achieve with a real plant.

How long do artificial plants last?

Artificial plants essentially last forever. Our artificial plants - unlike many others - are specifically designed to live outdoors. They even come with a three year guarantee for outdoor usage. We recommend rotating your plants every now and then to even out any effects of UV rays and weathering. You can, of course, also use them indoors.

They may need cleaning or dusting occasionally, depending on the weather conditions. You can simply hose them down or wipe them with a damp cloth.

Can I re-pot my artificial plants?

Our artificial plants come in perfectly functional plain black pots, which hold the plant together and act as a weighted base. However, they are not particularly attractive or stable, so you probably don’t want to use them long-term.

Artificial bamboo plant in pot

Featured here, our glorious Bamboo Tree, re-potted in a lovely terracotta number.

We recommend re-potting your artificial plants in a larger and more decorative plant pot. Here are our top tips for re-potting.

  1. Choose the right size plant pot. Check the product page to find the starter pot dimensions (or measure the pot if you have it with you). Add 5 cm - 10 cm to the diameter. This is the minimum size - you can choose a larger pot if you like. The larger the pot, the more stable your plant will be.
  2. Don’t remove the starter pot. Since your plant won’t grow, there’s no need to try and remove it from its original pot! You can simply place the whole thing inside your new pot and bury it as below.
  3. Use earth or sand to fill your new pot. Position your plant in the centre of your new pot and fill the gaps with earth or sand. You can completely cover over the starter pot so it’s invisible.
  4. Decorate to finish. Cover the top of the earth/sand infill with decorative stones, glass beads, artificial pine cones, or anything else you fancy to make your plant pretty.
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