Composite is a durable, highly versatile material that's ideal for garden decking, fencing, cladding and other outdoor structures. It's extremely resistant to wear-and-tear, so it's a great long-term addition to your home.
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impact resistant | insect resistant | weather resistant | slip resistant | low maintenance | easy to install | no need for painting or staining | no warping, no splitting | clip system | ready to order | UV protected | greener option

Our composite products are made from 90% recycled material, making them the clear environmental choice.

It’s a popular misconception that composite products are not eco-friendly because they’re made from plastic. However, the opposite is true. Select Composite products are made from 60% reclaimed wood - that is, wood that would otherwise be discarded. 30% is made from plastic - but this is 100% recycled from waste products.

Composite products also have a long lifespan and are highly resistant to wear and tear. They are weather-resistant and will not rot, buckle or warp when installed correctly.

Its durability, combined with its recycled composition, in fact makes composite more environmentally conscious than timber alternatives. No trees are cut down in the making of our composite products, and plastic waste products are removed from the environment.

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How is it made?

Our composite products are made from recycled and reclaimed materials, reducing the amount of waste on our lands and oceans and promoting sustainability.

1. Reclaimed wood is granulated into a fine wood flour, which is combined with small beads made from processed recycled plastics.

2. The mixture is treated with bonding agents, colourants and UV stabilisers, which will protect the decking over its lifespan.

3. The granulated mixture is heated and moulded into shapes before being left to set.

4. A high quality surface treatment is applied to finish the product.

It's greener than you think

Composite decking boards are made from 90% recycled materials. We use 60% reclaimed wood and 30% recycled plastic to produce our boards, which means we’re actively removing waste products from the planet.

Furthermore, composite boards are tougher and more durable than timber, and require no harmful chemicals to treat and maintain them, so they have a longer lifespan.

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